SuperFLY Fruitfly Culturing Kit 105.6oz (6.6lbs) 3kg


6.6lb Kit :

72x 32oz Non-vented deli Cups
72x Poly Fabric Lid
1x 6.6lb Superfly
1x 8oz Excelsior
Repashy Fruit Fly Culturing Kit Instructions

In a 32 oz. deli container add between 3 tablespoons (typical when using boiled water) and 4 tablespoons (typical when using hot tap water) Repashy Superfly Fruit Fly Culture Medium to 2/3-cup water and stir until blended. Finished mixture should be thin enough to flatten out. Add water or medium to adjust consistency if necessary. Let the prepared Superfly mixture cool and add a handful of excelsior. Spread it over the bottom of the mixture and create vertical stalks ¾ the height of the deli cup for breeding flies to climb away from the food source. Add roughly 50 fruit flies to the deli cup and quickly secure the Poly Fabric Deli Lid. To avoid escapees shake the deli cup side to side to prevent the flies from climbing out. Place the fruit fly culture in a warm room preferably 75-78F. The culture should begin to produce larva in 5-15 days and flies in 10-30 days depending on temperature and species.

Fly Cultures should be consumed by your reptiles before the Superfly mixture depletes and dries out. In order to prevent fruit fly escapees while feeding your reptiles sprinkle the desired amount of flies into a dusting tub with Repashy Calcium Plus. Then quickly shake the culture container to stop the wave of escaping flies and quickly snap on the poly fabric lid. (Flies move like a flood so be prepared for escapees!) Pick up the dusting tub and shake and bake the scattered flies so they are nutritionally balanced and prepared to be consumed by your reptiles.

To continue breeding new cultures of flies add healthy robust flies to a newly prepared Superfly Culture Cup and repeat steps. Used deli cups should be thoroughly washed or discarded. Poly Fabric Deli Lids are designed with fabric for ventilation while preventing escapees you would find with a normal screened lid. Lids should be discarded after use. A healthy culture will produce 1000 flies or more. Flies will quickly lose their nutrients and die once the Superfly medium runs out so be prepared to start new cultures every 2 weeks to continue food production for your reptiles.

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