ReptiSun LED UVB Terrarium Hood - 30"


Key Features:

  • BRILLIANT LIGHT! 6500K daylight high output LEDs for truly naturalistic lighting.
  • UVB: ReptiSun 5.0 T5 HO (high-output) lamp included for safe & effective UVB and bright light for improved color rendering.
  • PLANT GROWTH: 620 nm RED LEDs stimulate live plant growth.
  • MOON LITE®: 465 nm BLUE LED simulates nighttime lighting “Lunar Effect”.
  • LONG LIFE: 20,000 hour life range for LEDs, 12 months for UVB!


Additional Information


  • A. ReptiSun 5.0 T5HO UVB lamp (included) provides safe and effective UVB in terrariums up to 45 cm (18″) tall.
  • B. Each module contains four 1 watt 6500K High Output daylight LEDs
  • C. Two 0.5 watt 620 nm RED LEDs provide correct wavelengths for photosynthesis & live plant growth.
  • D. Low light 60 milliwatt blue LED simulates “Lunar Effect” and provides for nighttime viewing.


  • A. TWO-POSITION SWITCH: ReptiSun 5.0 T5HO UVB Lamp (on/off)
  • B. TWO-POSITION SWITCH: Blue “Lunar Effect” Moonlite® LED (on/off)
  • C. THREE-POSITION SWITCH: 6500K Daylight LEDs only –or- 6500K daylight LEDs with 620 nm red LEDs for live plant growth (white on/off/white + red on)

3. ADJUSTABLE: 40 to 55 cm (15 ½” to 21 ½”). Fixture length with rails removed 36 cm (14 ¼”).

4. HANG IT! Optional stainless steel “aircraft cable” suspension kit included.

5. MODULAR DESIGN: Individual LED modules & quick disconnects allow for easy replacement of LED modules. Never throw another LED fixture away again!


  • A. WHITE ONLY: 6500K daylight for bright naturalistic lighting of reptile & amphibian habitats. Great for habitats without live plants or with artificial plants.
  • B. WHITE with RED: 6500K daylight with 620 nm red for habitats with live plants. Red LEDs provide wavelengths that stimulate plant growth.
  • C. BLUE MOONLITE®: Low light 60 milliwatt blue LED simulates “Lunar Effect” and provides for nighttime viewing.

7. ReptiSun 5.0 T5 High Output –  INCLUDED Designed for use with reptiles that require UVB – COMPLETE                  INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED

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