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Some of our Customer Reviews


"Katt takes excellent care of her geckos. She makes sure to properly maintain their environments and to provide the needed information for anyone looking to buy 1 of her baby geckos. She also does her best to help people find answers to questions they may ask as well."
- Rose M.



"Katt takes care of her critters and honestly cares even after sales, She ensures those who buy from her have all the appropriate information required for the suitable care and living environments. She's gone above and beyond with her geckos to ensure their care from birth to joining their new homes."
- Thanna M.



"Just got baby Justice! Has the cutest spots and amazing colours. Active little beastie trying escape and hunt and not even 24 hours in our possesion. Not shy at all will be a great addition to our family."
- Katelyn T. (May 2016)



"I bought my first crestie from Katt, I have raised and bred other lizards but knew very little about cresties. It was very easy to tell that Katt takes good care of all her kritters :) She was very informative and has been a great source of information while I've been raising Kenzi II. Thanks Katt!"
- Kevin P. (Sept 2016)



"I bought a baby crested gecko from Katt and really enjoyed the whole ordeal. She was very helpful in setting me up with the a very adorable healthy gecko with the colours I was looking for! She provides a very kind, friendly, and informative service and I will happily be doing business with her again."
- Brittany C. (Dec 2016)



"Very knowledgeable and friendly! It's obvious the geckos in her care are healthy and loved. Actually got my eye on one of the babies!!!"
- Steph L. (Feb 2017)



"Katt is amazing and very informative. I thought I knew enough about geckos but after talking to Katt I am well more informed. Thank you Katt for Twink! He is a amazing and I am glad I have him in our home."
- Cari R H. (May 2017)



"Im in looooovveeeeeee thanks alot!"
- Emilie R. (June 2017)



"Katt's Kritters is a good pick for getting a gecko addition to your family! Quick to respond to any questions you may have about gecko care. Very helpful and friendly!"
- Evan M. (June 2017)



"I bought a baby crested gecko from Katt today and I'm very pleased with everything. Katt is super friendly, responds quickly to all questions, and her home business is professional and clean. Couldn't be any happier with my lil gecko addition to my family. Thank you!"
- Calista R. (Aug 2017)



"Beautiful geckos, extremely helpful and friendly. If you are in the market for a crested gecko, this is the place to go!"
- Tricia B. (Oct 2017)



"Bought Lana at the Gatineau show, awesome service, very kind and took the time to answer my questions! Thanks for everything!"
- Sandra H. (Nov 2017)



"Just got our first little crested gecko. My first time owning a lizard. Katt is very knowledgeable and helpful. we got so much info on how to keep our new little critter happy and healthy."
- Erika J-R (April 2019)



"Had a fabulous experience buying a crested gecko from Katt. The level of customer service, knowledge, and obvious love Katt has for her Kritters is beyond compare. We love knowing that we can contact her moving forward with any questions or concerns, and that she has ensured we have all the info and supplies we need to make sure our new pet is happy and healthy with us!"
- Bridget G (Jan 2020)



"Knowledgeable and willing to help."
- Penny K (Feb 2020)



"High quality healthy geckos, I have bought 3 Cresties off Katt, all healthy with beautiful coloring. Katt is friendly and always willing to answer any questions. She also sells supplies, and can order in supplies if she doesn't have them on hand, like food, scales, ledges, fake plants, and more for all your geckos needs. Just over all great service."
- Cree R (Mar 2020)



"Just adopted my very first Crested Gecko, and he has absolutely stolen my heart, Lynn has been an unbelievable help in getting me all set up, with around the clock chats to answer any questions or concerns I have or just want some advice. I am confident this happy little creature is going live his best life, and I am grateful to have the support I know I can count on if I need it."
- Melissa G. (March 2021)



"I adopted a beautiful crested gecko today her name is Indy❤...she's so loveable and my kids adore her... Lynn was more than helpful and helped me find the perfect girl for my family and I.. I definitely recommend adopting beautiful hand-raised geckos from Lynn."
- Jennifer P (March 2021)