How much is shipping? Do you ship outside Canada?

Shipping is done through either Reptile Express or Reptile Runner, who both work with FedEx to ensure next day delivery. Prices vary depending on location, and shipping can be done to the USA (once the current global situation has cleared). Be advised, the shiping fee is NOT included in the listed price for the gecko. Contact us for a quote!

What is your Health Guarantee?

All geckos come with a seven day health guarantee. You must contact us ASAP once you have received the delivery to confirm the safe & live arrival of the gecko, and pictures are required. If you fail to contact us, this guarantee becomes void. During that time, if your purchased gecko possiblies dies, a replacement will be offered, depending on the situation. Proof of conditions will be required, including the enclosure details, feeding details, and any other factors related to affecting its well-being and health. This does not include any issues or factors caused by family members or other pets.

Do you have care sheets for your reptile?

We do have an easy to read and follow care document that comes with each purchase. Check out some of the details below!

Why are your animals priced different than some of the prices I see online?

Finding a solid price point for geckos (and any reptile or animal) is very much dependant on the seller, and what they feel the animal is worth. A lot of time & money is spent from breeding to hatching to raising/growing of the off-spring to get it to the point where it is safe to re-home. Here, we look at input from a variety of resources to find a reasonable and appropriate price for the life you will be taking on.

Useful Care Advice

  • The basics are the same across the board, but let's break it down.

    NEVER put more than one gecko in the same tank! It doesn't matter how big they are are, or how big the tank is: JUST DON'T! Males are very territorial and will hurt (or kill) the other; females are similar but not always quite as violent.

  • They do not need any extra heating, and can actually do well at normal room temperatures

    Keep the temperatures between 72F and 80F (22C to 25C for those otherwise); they do NOT do well above this temperature. I have found it helps to use a fan or even an AC unit in a different room and a fan to circulate that cooler air.

  • You should do a thorough misting of the tanks each night, and let it dry during the day.

    They are not fond of water hitting them directly, so use a gentle wide-area spray on the walls and decorations as they will more likely get their water from the dripping leaves and such, with occasional visits to their water dish.

  • The nightly humidity should reach 90% or so, and the day humidity should drop to about 55% or so, as things dry.

    Too humidity too constant, can lead to skin infections and shedding issues, as well as causing constriction around the toes and tail. The humidity levels are important to help them shed properly.

  • Captive-bred eyelash crested geckos can live for at least 15 years, or longer.

    With the right care and attention, they can grow upwards of 50 grams with the tail, and there are some that will exceed that and reach near 70 grams. They can grow to be about 8inches/20.3cm from nose to tip of the tail.

  • Eyelash crested geckos do not actually have eyelids, but it's fine.

    When they are sleeping, the pupils with be tiny thin slits. If they are not hiding, you may see this. You might even get the chance to see the gecko lick its eyes, which is how they clean and moisturize their eyes.