Featured Available Geckos

Brindle with Dalmation SpotsPrice: $275.00

This beautiful female gecko is growing and showing her potential in leaps & bounds, and would enhance any project.

Light Orange DalmationPrice: $400.00

This male has some amazing color that shows off his big beautifulspots! An awesome addition to any dalmation project!

Extreme HarliquinPrice: $250.00

This male has a great harliquin pattern and is growing fast! He would be a smart addition to any collection!


Live Delivery

Shipping windows are dependant on all points along the route having optimum temperatures to ensure a live delivery. This means limited shipping when very cold or very hot.


Care Sheets

We provide a detailed care document with each purchase of one of our geckos. It helps to ensure proper care is given to aid in the longevity of your new reptile friend. We are available for on-going support as well.