About us

At Katt's Kritters, our focus is to provide high quality crested geckos, raised and cared for with love. The locally owned and operated business started a number of years ago with the simple idea of raising two crested geckos as pets. That idea grew and expanded into the current collection of beautiful & high quality eyelash crested geckos.

Some of these geckos came from people that were looking to re-home their reptiles, some were purchased at reptile expos, and others could be considered "rescues". We are upgrading the quality of our geckos, and adding more gecko breeds as we move forward. Currently we have taken in some gargoyle geckos, and are planning to add them into our breeding plans starting in 2024. We do hold onto the babies that hatch from our selected pairings until they reach at least 10grams in weight.

This is mainly for their health and safety, as there is no reason to send a hatchling out to a new home that may be too young to handle the change. This also gives us the chance to ensure their patterns & colourings have time to start developping, and a better gender check - but at that size, gender is still not guaranteed, of course.

Responsible Reptile Breeding

When you decide to purchase one of our crested geckos, you will be getting more than just a crested gecko.

You will also receive our guide with a wide range of infomation on their care, expectations, habits, resources, and more. We are currently working with high quality high contrast lines, so those babies will be available after they reach at least 10 grams in size.

This gives us a chance to better observe their developping patterns & colors to enable us to apply a suitable price, as well as a chance to possibly determine the gender of the crested geckos. Shipping is available for an additional fee, with the cost depending on location.

These reptiles can live upwards of 15 years with the proper care & attention, and this care is not hard to provide.

The eyelash crested gecko is quickly growing in popularity since they are so easy to care for, making them equally sought after whether high end or not. Like any family member, they are not for short-term or just for right now. These small reptiles are there for the long haul, and they are hoping you will be just as committed.

It is highly recommended to schedule a visit to get a feel for the geckos before purchase, if possible. We want to be sure that this is the right pet for you; the best decision of an addition to your family.

Reptile Shows 2023

We are planning to get some space at the upcoming 2 day reptile expo beingg held at the EY Centre in Ottawa over the weekend of Oct 14th & 15th 2023. We will have plenty of crested geckos coming with us that are seeking new homes, as well as our usual stock of food and decor. Stop by and see all our goodies!

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