At Katt's Kritters, we focus on providing high contrast and high quality crested geckos,
all raised and cared for with love.

At this time, many of the adults in the collection are not for sale, but the breeding results (off-spring) will be once they reach at least three or four months in age, or 15grams in weight. This is mainly for their health and safety, as there is no reason to send a hatchling out to a new home that may be too young to handle the change. This also gives us the chance to ensure their patterns & colourings, as well as hopefully identify their gender.

Who We Are

Having reptiles is such a fun and unique experience that everyone really should find the time to learn about & get involved with these crested geckos. They are such a simple pet to care for, making them great for those with somewhat busy schedules, allergies and other traditional health concerns, or those that have odd working hours (graveyard shift, etc).

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Apr 2018

We are now an AUTHORIZED RESELLER for Repashy, Zoo-Med, Pet-Tek, Mist King, Galapagos and many others! We keep Repashy food in stock, with special orders available. Be sure to check our the store! Sorry - no live feeders! New items being added to the store all the time, and multiple purchase options are available too! Messaging is also available on the site now!


Oct 2018

Due to a lower than expected breeding season, we have a limited number of crested geckos available until spring 2019. Sorry fans, but the ones we have listed as available now include some awesome looking males that would be an awesome addition to any reptile lovers's collection! Keep watch for upcoming photos and details for the new ones as they grow to size!


Jan 2019

This is the time we plan to start pairing up for breeding! There should be some amazing results if everything goes to plan. It is SO exciting, but the waiting is harsh! All good things come to those who wait, as they say. The 90+ days waiting though is very hard to deal with! Keep watch on the facebook page for egg and hatching updates! Our hatchings from 2018 season will be ready to go soon!

Crested Geckos

Take a look at our breeding pairs ... and the wide range of available geckos to take home with you!