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Pairing Set 1

I am planning on pairing Dean (m) with Morticia (f),a high quality female gecko from Reptiles R Us, with Dean being from Northern Gecko. This should make some amazing high quality dark gecko results. I should be able to start breeding them mid 2017 or early 2018.









Pairing Set 2

I have decided to pair Sam (m) with this female gecko Lana in order to produce some high quality dark colored geckos. Sam was aqcuired from ReptilesR Us so he already has some amazing genes to pass on. This should be a great breeding pair for 2017. For 2018 season, Sam will also be paired with a new female I hope to get for breeding in the new year.








Pairing Set 3

I paired up Rex (m) with Cosmo (f) for her last breeding season, since after this I will just have her as a pet. She has done her time as a breeder, and will have a well-earned rest. But I can't wait to see what they will produce for the 2017 season!









Pairing Set 4

These 2 lovely crested should be of age and weight to pair up for breeding in 2018, as well as seeing Gomez pair up with Lana.. I am SO excited to see the results bred from them ..... keep watch!









Pairing Set 5

This is a new breeding pair that I got in 2017 from Gateway Cresties ... and am very pleased so far! They have been mated and I am just waiting on the eggs. They should make some great dark colored geckos for the collection. Stay tuned ....