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When people ask me what I do, and I answer that I breed, raise and sell crested geckos, they often ask, "Why reptiles? Why geckos?" and even, "Why these geckos instead of another type of gecko?"

There is a part of me that regrets not getting into this line of work earlier in my life. Having reptiles is such a fun and unique experience; I wish I could help more people get involved with them. They are a simple to care for animal, making them great for those with somewhat busy schedules, or those that have odd working hours (graveyard shift, etc.)

I had the opportunity to get involved with these little geckos with the help of a co-worker at the time. Her husband had some he was looking to re-home, and I was on the hunt for a non-traditional pet due to allergies and a busy schedule.

Over the many years of working with them and learning more and more about them, I have found that reptiles do indeed share a number of similar qualities that the more traditional pets have.  They do recognize their owners, and connect to us humans in unique ways. As well, reptiles have their own personalities, and express things differently than their neighbor reptiles.

From my own growing collection of crested geckos, I have seen them be aware of the difference in being handled by someone other than myself, and their reactions to that. I have had some of them have no fear, and sit calm on my shoulder or such while I work away on the computer. I have seen some get all excited and play with the dog or cat through the glass walls of their enclosure, knowing they were safe, but having a great time still.

Watching a young gecko grow and change over the years is always fascinating, as their colors and pattern can change in vibrancy and look. Having the chance to work with the young ones, see them grow and become so familiar with handling them that they no longer have a risk of getting hurt and panicking; well it’s like watching your kids grow and mature in their understanding of the world around them. Even their little squawks of annoyance change as they grow.

Whether it is a single gecko or a room full of adults, juveniles and baby crested geckos, having them show interest in your activities, having them want to stay out in your hands (nothing wrong with their tanks, of course), or just seeing their permanently smiling faces is ALWAYS a great way to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.



Our current listing of female crested geckos, some for sale and others not for sale.

LAST UPDATED: May 17, 2017


Our current listing of male crested geckos, some for sale and others not for sale.

LAST UPDATED: May 17, 2017


Our current listing of baby and juvenile crested geckos available to buy. A small deposit will hold one.

LAST UPDATED: June 12, 2017




Pets in general are known to help people with emotional and behavioral disorders, like depression, autism, substance abuse, and ADHD, as long as it is a suitable pet and the required research is done. Pets along these lines can be a help to people of all ages, not just children. Scientific research has shown that interaction with animals can significantly improve peoples’ physical and emotional health. Pets can help these challenged kids with things from concentration, motivation and the completing of basic tasks, as well as working with a routine, communication and interactive play.

For kids high on the autism spectrum, with health issues like allergies, and for those with sensory processing difficulties, they would benefit greatly with an exotic pet rather than a traditional pet, like a cat or a dog. Autisic children have been seen to become more social when playing with pets instead of toys, showing more interaction physically, smiling, laughing, and looking at faces. Pets can help reduce anxiety and stress, and help teach empathy.

All pets offer valuable lessons for kids, and reptiles are great for learning added responsibilty vs a cat or a dog, due to the reptile's lower needs and requirements. Reptiles have simpler daily maintenance and requirements, like being fed every other day, and if a cleaning or feeding is missed it will not have a negative impact on the reptile (as long as it does not go too long, of course, or it will impact the health of the reptile). If this happens, the parent will need to step in, so it is of great help that everyone learns about the needed care, as a back-up "owner". Remember, you can devote as much time as you want to the reptile, as long as the basic needs are covered - exotics like reptiles are not demanding walks, they don't crave your attention, nor do they have any grooming needs.

Of course, it is a case by case situation, as some children exhibit the more mature qualities that are needed to be responsible for the care and basic needs of a pet, of any pet.

As reptiles go, there are some definite benefits to caring for one. They cause less damage to the self and its surroundings than some other traditional pets, and there is less noise (if any) for neighbors to complain about. There is no fur or hair to cause problems for children (or adults) with pet allergies, and as long as the enclosure is kept clean, there is no smells to deal with either. The needed commercial diet options and feeders easy to find at most pet stores, or online suppliers.

Geckos are great for kids with an interest in dinosaurs, and they are smaller than some other exotic pet options, making them easier to handle, train and care for. A reptile (especially a gecko) helps to create an interest in the natural world around us.


Regardless of which type of exotic pet you choose, please DO THE RESEARCH - be clear on the animal's needs like housing, dietary requirements, the costs involved and the lifespan of the animal. The care information for reptiles (and other exotics) is readily available online, and most breeders are more than happy to answer questions, as this ensures that all involved understand what will be needed for the care and health of the reptile. Think about the suitability of the pet and child connection now AND for the future. A pet is not a temporary playmate for children, but a lifelong family member who depends on the entire family, especially adults.


** In no way am I against the traditional pets! I live with both a cat and a dog who fight for my attention, and both get my attention equally!