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Katt's Kritters - The Home of Traditional & Dark Side Cresties

At Katt's Kritters, we focus on providing high quality crested geckos, raised and cared for with love.

Based in the quiet area of Amherstview, Ontario, the locally owned and operated business started five years ago with the simple idea of raising 2 clutch-mates as pets. That idea grew into the collection of beautiful crested geckos that now enjoy sharing the space that includes a number of adult crested geckos, a few juvenile crested geckos, many baby crested geckos, a single leopard gecko, as well as a mentally deficient black cat and small dog (who both think they run the place, of course).

Some of these cresteds came from familes that were looking to re-home their reptiles, some were purchased at reptile expos, and others would be considered "rescues", sadly.

At this time, most of the adults in the collection are not for sale, but the breeding results will be - only once they reach at least two months in age. This is mainly for their health and safety, as there is no reason to send a baby out to a new home that may not make it. When you decide to purchase one of our babies (as we know you will), you will be getting more than just a crested gecko - you will also have the option of purchasing a STARTER KIT for an additional $10. We will provide the gecko, a small plastic keeper (with decorations) to use until you are able to provide a more suitable housing for it, a small bit of food to get you started, some dishes to use for now, and a wide range of infomation on their care, expectations, habits, resources, and more. Once the baby crested gecko reaches juvenile age/size, there is no Starter Kit option. It is highly recommended to schedule a visit to get a feel for the geckos before purchase, if possible. We want to be sure that this is the right pet for you; the best decision of an addition to your family. These reptiles can live upwards of 15 years with the proper care & attention, and this is not hard to provide. The eyelash crested gecko is growing in popularity as pets since they are so easy to care for. Like any family member, they are not for short-term or just for right now. They are there for the long haul, and they are hoping you will be just as committed.

New photos will be uploaded for each of the babies as they grow and develop, and any of them can be held until they are ready with a non-refundable deposit of $25, and the balance due before delivery. Shipping can be done within Canada for an additional fee (depending on location). Shipping to the USA can be done for an additional fee above the cost of the gecko, at a flat rate of $600, based on fees ($400 is the Export Fee that covers wildlife inspection fee & broker fee/paperwork, $100 for the Canadian shipping fee, and another $100 for the USA shipping fee).

.RETURN POLICY: If for any reason after purchase, you can no longer care for the gecko, or can no longer provide the care and attention the gecko requires, you are welcome to return the reptile within 14 days of purchase. As long as all the items that were included in the purchase price are also returned in that two week time, a 50% refund will be given. If it is just the gecko being returned, without any of the other items provided, there will be no refund. This policy is to ensure none of the geckos purchased from Katt's Kritters end up listed on craigslist or kijiji or the such, where they may end up in a situation of poor care. This return option does NOT apply to reptiles that are shipped.



With the purchase of a crested gecko from Katt's Kritters, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions as outlined below.

1. A crested gecko can be put on hold for $25, which is non-refundable should you decide not to get the said crested gecko. Holds may be transferred to a different crested gecko in most cases. A crested gecko will not be listed as being on hold until the $25 deposit has been received. Holds will be held for a maximum of one month only.

2. Shipping fees are always an additional cost beyond the cost of the crested gecko and are paid for by the buyer prior to being shipped. The costs are set out by ReptilesExpress as they are the shipping company we use. There will be no shipping processed if the temperatures are too high or too low for the safe delivery of the crested gecko. We request that you are able to be there in person to accept the crested gecko delivery, but if you are unable to do so, you will be required to visit the location (hub) to pick up the reptile instead. You must be available to receive your gecko. If you will not be available, the gecko MUST be held at the hub for pick up. Shipping is only submitted Monday to Wednesday to prevent the delivery being delayed over a weekend. Tails can be dropped during shipping, as it can be stressful on the crested gecko. This does not impact the health of the gecko at all though. Any delays caused by the shipping are not the responsibility of Katt's Kritters.

3. All our crested geckos sold and delivered by Katt's Kritters come with a one week/seven day day health guarantee. We ask and require that you contact us ASAP once you have received the delivery to confirm a safe and live arrival of the crested gecko, pictures included. If you fail to contact us in one way or another, this becomes void. During the seven day window, your purchased crested gecko becomes ill or possibly dies, a replacement will be offered, depending on the situation involved. This is based on live delivery, and the housing etc you are incorporating on your end. Proof will of course be required, including the enclosure details, feeding detals, and any factors related to affecting its well-being and health. Please keep in mind, this does not include any issues caused by family members or other pets.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have: katt@kattskritters.com

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Located in Amherstview, Ontario (Canada)




"Katt takes excellent care of her geckos. She makes sure to properly maintain their environments and to provide the needed information for anyone looking to buy 1 of her baby geckos. She also does her best to help people find answers to questions they may ask as well."
- Rose M.


"Katt takes care of her critters and honestly cares even after sales, She ensures those who buy from her have all the appropriate information required for the suitable care and living environments. She's gone above and beyond with her geckos to ensure their care from birth to joining their new homes."
- Thanna M.


"I bought my first crestie from Katt, I have raised and bred other lizards but knew very little about cresties. It was very easy to tell that Katt takes good care of all her kritters :) She was very informative and has been a great source of information while I've been raising Kenzi II. Thanks Katt!"
- Kevin P.


"I bought a baby crested gecko from Katt and really enjoyed the whole ordeal. She was very helpful in setting me up with the a very adorable healthy gecko with the colours I was looking for! She provides a very kind, friendly, and informative service and I will happily be doing business with her again."
- Brittany C.


"Just got baby Justice! Has the cutest spots and amazing colours. Active little beastie trying escape and hunt and not even 24 hours in our possesion. Not shy at all will be a great addition to our family."
- Katelyn T.