At Katt's Kritters, we focus on providing high contrast and high quality crested geckos,
all raised and cared for with love.

At this time, most of the adults in the collection are not for sale, but the breeding results will be once they reach about three or four months in age. This is mainly for their health and safety, as there is no reason to send a hatchling out to a new home that may be too young to handle the change.

Who We Are

Having reptiles is such a fun and unique experience, and many more people should get involved with these reptiles. They are such a simple pet to care for, making them great for those with somewhat busy schedules, allergies and other traditional health concerns, or those that have odd working hours (graveyard shift, etc).

News & Events

Upcoming shows & expos .... where to find us and what's going on!


Apr 2018

A new year with new services! We are now an AUTHORIZED RESELLER for Repashy, Zoo-Med, Pet-Tek, Mist King, Galapagos and many others! We keep Repashy food in stock, with special orders available. Be sure to check our the store when it opens in a few weeks! Sorry - no live feeders!


May 2018

We can now process any and all methods of payment! Now that we have the new SQUARE, we can accept debit cards, tap purchases (by card or by smart phone) as well email money trasnfers, credit cards and cash, of course. The store will have the added option of ordering supplies through PayPal, so keep watch for when we open the store!


Jun 2018

We are hoping to have the Katt's Kritters STORE open for your shopping needs! There will be all sorts of supplies & equipment available, like recyclable dishes, a wide variety of foods and suppliments, and a ton of decoration ideas to suit your pets's needs! The store will have the option of ordering supplies through PayPal as well as EMTs, so stay tuned!

Crested Geckos

Take a look at our breeding pairs ... and the wide range of available geckos to take home with you!